In the middle of Heaven

The Medium Coeli or Midheaven corresponds to that point where the Sun is culminating. It exerts its strongest influence and throws the smallest shadow. Accordingly, this important point deals with issues such as consciousness, power and reputation. Planets found along the MC, or in aspect to it, exert an influence on these areas of life.

Contact to the MC-axis promotes job prospects, social standing and every type of social engagement. Naturally enough, we can only reap what we have previously sown. If you can accept this, and are prepared to assume responsibility, you will find support and patronage at such locations. MC lines put us in touch with company, state and influential authorities. We think more “prestigiously”, are ambitious and search for recognition. What matters is success and effective performance. Detrimental planetary placements can result in loss of power, job crises and faith in leaders.

Aquarius Midheaven people have to prove to themselves that they are all-knowing. They hate to appear stupid, which is why learning is so important to them. The upside is that they are able to find creative choices in difficult circumstances. The downside is that they can come across as arrogant or spend too much time learning unimportant things. They also may overlook or deny information that’s incompatible with what they already know.

Folks with this Midheaven are very good at assessing new ideas and figuring out how to put them into action. They’re also good at developing contingency plans if things don’t turn out as planned. They know something unanticipated will always pops up, no matter how well they plan. When they’re on, their timing is great. They know when to act and when to wait.

They base their leadership style on cooperation. They aren’t micromanagers, preferring to give others the space to do their best. This flexible approach allows them to accommodate a wide range of behaviors and social roles. Folks with Aquarius Midheaven are wary of being manipulated by others but know that they can easily outthink manipulators, turning their interactions with them in a more effective direction. They’re good at redirecting other people’s energies in a creative, constructive way. Their clarity comes from trusting their intuition and not letting worry or frustration bog them down.

Aquarius Midheaven requires freedom in a career. Ideally, their job is something that only they can do. The best jobs for them allow them to be persistent in achieving success. Aquarius Midheaven is good placement for self-employment as long as they learn how to prioritize and focus and don’t take foolish, impulsive risks.


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