Australopithecus sediba – One more puzzle piece discovered

Every day I continue to grow. I grow faster than my great*100 ancestors did.
When I was small I looked for stories further from reality. Today I crave for stories close to reality.
I love to dig. Doesn’t matter much what I dig as long as I can DIG.

A day in the life: Imagine human history as a 24-hour clock, starting with the split from other apes. We lived as hunter-gatherers until very nearly midnight. Suddenly at 23:58, agriculture and towns appeared. We invented the wheel and built the pyramids

– Many aspects of human anatomy – for example – our grasping hands, forward facing eyes and colour vision – are typical primate features, vestiges of millions of generations spent clambering through trees. And we are unmistakably primates in our social lives and behavior: like many monkeys and apes, we live in complex hierarchical societies where survival depends on navigating an ever-changing web of social relationships.


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