Red letters, volcano ash and Adriatic Sea

One of the most slow period of the year starts on 17th April and lasts until 11th May 2010. Get ready for confusion, lost and found items, delays etc. Take extra care and cross check all your papers and belongings. Be more patient and understating and time will pass faster.

When I posted this had no idea how this retrograde will affect me personally. A trip was planned during the retrograde and there was no turning back. Papers got mixed, confusion. One week before leaving there was no flight landing or taking off. Managed to reach, but on return the only flight canceled was mine. Sure, we can blame the planets. We can blame my ruler, Mercury of everything (exalted in my case). But we should listen rather than blame, and learn rather than crib. I can say it was an intense retrograde.

Mercury retrograde calender


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