The silent guardian

Prejudices are, for me, some of the worst things human beings can accumulate. Flexibility is not easy to exercise, but its something that can definitely be learned. A common prejudice I’ve encountered  is that of disliking cats for their pride and attitude.

My cat turned 6 this year(2011). I’ve learned a great deal about cats the past few years, as about animal-human bond and the responsibility of having a pet. Previously I experienced interaction with cats that live outside and around a house, which didn’t give me a full chance to observe their complete behavior. An indoor cat gets more attached to its “fellow cat” (that’s the way she sees me 🙂 ) and the bond is unique. From the moment I open the door to the time I go to sleep she silently guards me. Yes, silently, as she rarely meows, only to demand or remind me of the basics things she needs. She taught me to respect her, she taught me to understand some cat language, the tone or inflection of her tone, body language. She reminded me of the importance of playing time.

I understand her and she understands me.


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